The History of the Club Logo

1995 Club Logo

When we first started in 1994, there was no club logo. In the summer of 1995, Jason Lisica, one of the early club members, designed a club logo which was featured on a run of t-shirts and decals.  The phrase, “Single Cam…Therefore I am.” became the unofficial club slogan.


In 1996, club member, Donald Laubach, designed a new club logo. Based on the original, this one came in round and oval and was featured on a run of tshirts.

The 1997 Logo contest

In 1997, there was a contest to select a new club logo and Scott Booth came up with the winning design.  This design forms the basis for our logo to this day, now 15 years later.

2004 - 10th Anniversary Logo

In 2004, Steven Carpenter, ‘Carpy’, put his graphics talents to work and modified the 1997 logo to reflect the club’s 10th year. The text and colors were changed to commemorate this anniversary and this logo was featured on a new run of t-shirts.

2007 - Logo Redesign

In 2007, Geoff Springer, better known as Heffay on the Forums, started work on new SOHC/4 merchandise and re-worked the 2004 10th Anniversary Logo to come up with this new variation on the 1997 logo.

Ryan Lilly came up with the novel idea of translating the text on the logo to Kanji and produced this new design.