CB750 K0: 1969 - 1970

Production Dates 1969-1970
Production Numbers 53,400 (sand-cast 7,400)
Starting Frame# 1000001
Starting Engine# E1000001
Colors Candy Gold, Candy Ruby Red, Candy Blue Green
Features Tank, side covers, fork uppers and headlight shell were painted the same color as the tank. The throttle linkageused separate cables to each carb.

Item English Metric
Overall length 85.0 in. 2,160 mm
Overall width 34.8 in. 885 mm
Overall height 45.5 in. 1,155 mm
Wheel base 57.3 in 1,455 mm
Seat height 31.5 in. 800 mm
Foot Peg Height 12.2 in. 310 mm
Ground Clearance 5.5 in. 160 mm
Curb weight 517.3 lb 235 kg
Weight distribution L/R 271.1/209.5 lb 123/205 kg

Frame & Suspension
Type Double cradle tubular steel
Front Suspension Telescopic fork, travel 5.6 in., 143mm
Rear Suspension Swing arm, travel 3.3 in., 85mm
Front Tire Size, Type 3.25-19 (4PR) Rib tire, tire air pressure 2.0 kg/cm2, 28 psi
Rear Tire Size, Type 4.00-18 (4 PR) Block tire, tire air pressure 2.0 kg/cm2, 28 psi)
Front Brake Disk brake, lining area 2.9in2x2, 19cm2x2
Rear Brake Internal expanding shoe, lining area 8.2in2x2, 53cm2x2
Fuel Capacity 4.7 US gal, 3.9 Imp. gal 18 liter
Fuel Reserve Capacity 1.3 US gal, 1.1 Imp. gal 5 liter
Caster Angle 63º
Trail Length 3.74 in. 95mm
Front Fork oil capacity 7.0-7.3 oz 220-230 cc

Item English Metric
Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, O.H.C. engine
Cylinder Arrangement 4-cylinder in line
Bore and Stroke 2.401x2.408 in. 61x63 mm
Displacement 44.93 cu in 736 cc
Compression Ratio 9.0
Maximum Horsepower 67 BHP@8,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 44.12 lb-ft@7,000 rpm 6.1 kg-m@7,000 rpm
Carburetor, Venturi Dia. 4x28mm Keihin, slide type
Valve train Chain driven overhead camshaft
Oil Capacity 7.39 US pt, 6.16 Imp. pt 3.5 liter
Oil Tank Capacity 4.22 US pt., 3.55 Imp. pt 2 liter
Lubrication System Forced pressure and dry sump
Air filtration Paper element
Valve Tappet Clearance Intake: 0.002in./0.05mm Exhaust: 0.003in./0.08mm
Engine weight (Wet) 176.3 lb 80 kg
Air screw opening 1 1/8 turn
Idle speed 900 rpm
Main jet #120
Idle jet #40
Air jet #100
Carb main bore 1.102in. 28mm

Drive Train
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Transmission 5-speed, constant mesh
Gear Ratio I 2.500:1
Gear Ratio II 1.708:1
Gear Ratio III 1.333:1
Gear Ratio IV 1.097:1
Gear Ratio V 0.939:1
Primary reduction 1.708:1
Secondary reduction 1.167:1
Final Reduction 2.667:1 (18T x 48T)

Type 12v, negative earth
Ignition Coil and contact breaker, spare spark
Starting system Electrical motor and kick pedal
Alternator 3-phase 12 V 0.21kW@5,000 rpm
Battery Capacity 12V - 14 amp hour
Spark plug NGK D-8ES
Spark plug gap 0.024 ~ 0.028 in. 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm
Point gap 0.012 ~ 0.016 in. 0.3 ~ 0.4 mm