Rings for the Henry Abe 900cc Piston Kits (CB750)

Quite often the guys that have the 900 Henry Abe kits for the 750′s are looking for ring sets. I just got off the phone with Ed at Total Seal (www.totalseal.com) I shipped my 4 NOS Henry Abe pistons to him to fit or cut & fit for 3 piece oil rings. The good news in that Total Seal can supply all 3 rings (top, 2nd, and 3 piece oil) without cutting the piston. Henry Abe made 2 different 900 pistons however and my qualifier here is that I have the smaller/lighter of the 2. Axel’s site (www.satanicmechanic.org) lists my pistons as the slipper type.

Here are the Total Seal part numbers:

Top Ring           203778
2nd ring            201336
Oil Ring 3 piece  001549

Hope this can help others.