CB650 1979-1982

The year is 1978, model-year 1979, and Honda stopped production of the SOHC/4 CB550 and CB750 models ending the reign of a design that had formed the core of Honda's street bike offerings since 1969.  Long before 1979, the competition had moved to dual overhead cam power plants and Honda's single cam engine was looking a bit old fashioned, so the marque bike was overhauled and given new styling and a DOHC/4 engine.  The CB550 was overhauled as well, but instead of a new power plant, it was bored out, restyled, and became the CB650, the last of the SOHC/4 bikes.  For the next four years, the CB650 in its various permutations proved popular as a middle-weight all-around bike.