Serial Numbers

Model Model Year Frame # Engine #
CB400 F0 1975 CB400F-1000001 CB400E-1000001
CB400 F1 1976 CB400E-2000001 CB400F-2000001
CB400 F2 1977 CB400E-2100001 CB400F-2100001
1975 CB400 F0
The CB400F was introduced in 1975. The inaugural model was available in Light Ruby Red and Varnish Blue and featured a 4-1 euro-style exhaust with a 6-speed transmission. The tank and side covers were painted the body color.
1976 CB400 F1
The 1976 model year was available in Light Ruby Red or Parakeet Yellow with black side covers. The bike was otherwise unchanged.
1977 CB400 F2
The 1977 model came in two colors: Candy Antares Red w/gold and orange tank stripes; Parakeet Yellow w/black and red tank stripes with body color side covers. The gas tank filler cap recessed and the handlebars were raised from earlier bikes