Sam Longo's 1974 Dunstall

Hello I have 3 CB750′s incuding a 1974 Dunstall equiped version with Yoshimura 810 kit which is currently for sale. It has been featured in Cycle Canada and a video interview about the bike can be viewed on

Enjoy, regards, Sam Longo

Wrench Monkees

WrenchMonkees  is a custom bike shop located in Denmark.

A Japanese article on the 1976 Bimota/Honda prototype which mounted a CB750 engine in a Bimota-designed frame.

Andy Smith's (westfieldandy) Seeley CB750

Sam Green CR750 Santa Pod Raceway on 17th September 2006

Dresda 900

This bike was built by Dave Degens in 1976.  Proud owner: Eamon Maloney (UKCB750CAFERACERS)

Dresda CB500-4

North weald (UK) Classic Bike Drag Meet 17th July 2006 Spotted this excellent Dresda at the North Weald Classic Bike Show on Sunday. Spoke to the owner who has had it since 1986. It’s an early Dresda frame (numbered in the high 100′s) with a K2 500/4 engine (CB500E-21xxxxx), Alpha exhaust, Dymag wheels and Lockheed brakes. Some serious engineering by the owner. His 1/4 mile drag times were not so good due to a bit of bogging at take off so he didn’t bother recording them. Maybe next time…

Picture shows Eamon Maloney (UKCB750CAFERACERS) pondering the engineering while Jim Shea holds his orange drink!

SOHC/4 Cafes

A gallery of cafe bikes owned by SOHC/4 members.

Rickman CR750

A 1979 Rickman nickel plated frame with a CB750 F2 engine.